• Winter Vehicle Check

    Stay safe this winter with our car winter health and safety check in Clacton-on-Sea. When it comes to winter in Clacton-on-sea, harsh weather can mean tough driving conditions for you and your car. That's why your safety depends on knowing your car can cope with whatever the winter throws at it. Visit us and we'll keep you safe on the winter on the roads by checking your:

    • Tyres - Good condition and the right tread help to avoid slipping and sliding
    • Antifreeze - The right antifreeze levels are essential to stop the water in your engine freezing
    • Windscreen Wipers - Heavier winter use means your wipers must be up to the job
    • Window Wash Fluid - The right mix cuts the chances of your fluid freezing so you can keep your windscreen clear of dirt and grease
    • Car Battery - a fully charged and connected battery means no jump starting
    • Brakes - Fully functioning brakes and the right fluid levels will give you peace of mind when driving on slippery surfaces
    • Rear Heated Window - Don't wait till the winter to find out it's not working
    • Lights - All lights need to be in full working order at all times

    Our garage in Clacton-on-Sea is geared up to get you ready for winter with a quick and simple winter check for complete confidence in any conditions.

    So, don't get caught out this winter - call us on 01255 424309 to arrange a time or drop in for your Winter Safety Check!

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  • Interim Service and MOT

    We're currently offering a deal to get your Interim Service and MOT at the same time!

    Cost FOR Interim Service and MOT at the same time:
    The price starts at £1109.95
    The price can change, depending on the engine size and the grade of engine oil required.
    Call us today on 01255 424309 or send an online enquiry via our contact form.

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  • Multi Point Vehicle Safety Check

    Avoid holiday breakdowns and car problems with our multi point vehicle safety check. Safety check includes:
    • Lighting
    • Tyres & pressures
    • Oil & water checks
    • Wipers & Washers
    • Antifreeze levels

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  • Class 4 MOTs in Clacton-on-Sea

    MOTs for £40, in Clacton-on-Sea. Call us today or submit an online enquiry

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